What is Drivemill?

I am a shopper

Drivemill enhances your online discovery experience by helping you discover awesome brands and products. While you are browsing a blog or an online store site we will help you discover great products from independent makers. Drivemill is a community of stores and bloggers that work together to recommend the best products to their visitors. Think of it as a curated recommendation from your favorite stores and blogs and the best way to discover new products you may like!

I am a merchant

Do you want to get your products in front of a larger audience? Drivemill allows you to do just that. Once you create your account you can choose from a list of stores that you can partner with. As soon as you set up your partnerships you will start referring customers to your partners and they will start referring customers to you. The model is super simple, you give a view and you get a view for free! Recommend complementary products and enhance your customers' shopping experience.

I am a blogger

Do you want to add a new revenue stream to your blog? Would you like to partner with great brands and independent makers to help your readers discover new products? Drivemill helps you with that. Choose brands inside our network that you like and recommend their products to the readers that are about to leave your blog. Receive an affiliate percentage on each sale that is generated thanks to you.

Are you a merchant? a blogger?
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